Keren Dobia is the photographer and creative director of the theatrical compositions. She designs, creates and sources both costumes and sets. Under her careful direction, and with the help of a small army of dedicated makeup artists, hairstylists, models and assistants, her mystical dreamscapes are awoken. Her passion for the visual arts is what has driven her to create much of her dramatic and emotive imagery. Her background in painting and drawing has allowed her to blur the line between photography and illustration. Keren's passion for her craft and utter enthusiasm when creating the "perfect" image inspires and excites everyone around her.

Recently, Keren's style has been recognised and sought after by numerous burlesque, circus and theatre performers.

Her friendly, vibrant personality has attracted various clients within the public care sector. Particularly Yooralla and Annecto.

Keren is a graduate of NMIT Diploma of Photoimaging, where she is now a lecturer. She has previously exhibited her work in a variety of different galleries, most notably at Obscura Gallery (a fine art photography gallery) in St. Kilda. She has been the recipient of various awards and accolades.

This is only the beginning of what we suspect will be a very successful career.

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