Creative Lighting Effects

Experiment, Explore, Create
with Keren Dobia
Jan 21st, 2024
10am - 3pm
limited: 10 students per workshop

Learn how to take control of experimental lighting techniques in this 1 day hands on lighting intensive.

During the 1 day workshop you will learn the essentials of working within mixed lighting in a studio environment, get comfortable with strobe and constant lighting controls and explore creative ways to light subjects with unique shapers, gels, projections to create a variety of creative and diverse portraits using these experimental techniques.

This hands on workshop will teach you how to see and understand light, use your camera settings for interesting effects and allow you to gain the confidence to explore new portrait approaches.

It isn’t about always using expensive equipment, it is about understanding how your camera and light works to experiment and achieve your vision.

Light refreshments, tea and coffee will be provided throughout the day.

A vegetarian lunch will be provided, you are welcome to bring your own packed lunch.

Through the day we will cover

  • • Studio exposure
  • •Light Shapers
  • • Lighting Positions
  • • Projections
  • • Coloured Light
  • • Mixed Lighting Techniques

Who is this class for?

  • • You’ve been interested in learning about mixed lighting but want to experience the gear before diving straight in
  • • If you just bought your first set of lights and want to learn new ways to use them
  • • f you haven’t used your lights in while and you’re feeling like you need a burst of inspiration
  • •If you’ve been shooting with lighting for sometime but feel gaps in your fundamental understand are stopping you from trying new ideas

Why come to the Workshop:

  • • Easy to follow light demonstrations
  • • plenty of hands on shooting time
  • •Access to various lighting modifiers
  • • guidance and support from Keren
  • •models, hair and makeup supplied
  • • small group learning environment
  •  DSLR Camera
  • Charged camera batteries
  • Memory cards
  • Notebook, pens
  • Laptop with teather software & cable (not essential)

1 Day

10am – 3pm


5 – 10 people

Tamale Studios

Brunswick, VIC

Exact location will be provided upon booking




PLEASE NOTE: Images you photograph during the workshop may be used for your own social media sharing and image portfolio but must include full credit
to the workshop. Images cannot be used for commercial purposes, including self-promotion, awards, competitions, or any form of commercial use. I do hope that the images you capture inspire you to create and grow your creative image practice.


Workshops are non-refundable. They can however be credited and used on a different workshop or mentoring session provided that at least  7 days notice is given prior to the scheduled workshop date.

You can book and purchase your workshop in the booking section at the bottom of each workshop page.

All workshops are small groups so there is plenty of one-on-one time. Each workshop covers different skill levels so check the more detailed workshop descriptions for the workshop you’re interested in.

Yes, she runs all of the workshops on offer.

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